Telemental Health


Telemental health is a branch of telemedicine where telecommunications technology, such as a phone or computer, is used to provide behavioral health services. Telemental health overcomes the barrier of distance as the use of interactive communication technologies enables you to see your provider in real time without having to be in the same location. 

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   Clinical Efficacy


Research has demonstrated that telemental health services are an effective form of treatment. Telemental health services have been shown to be as effective as, and in some cases even more effective than the standard, face-to-face model of care. 


    Patient Satisfaction

Abundant and well-regarded research data demonstrate that telemental health services are highly satisfactory to patients and providers alike. Patients feel more in control of their care and have a greater sense of choice with this method of care. Furthermore, the lack of wait time and significant traveling distance associated with telemedicine was viewed favorably by patients. 


    Clinical Perceptions

Research has found that professionals in the mental health field hold overall positive attitudes toward the use of telemental health and view this mode of therapy is advantageous in that it increases access to care.  


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Quality Care








Easy to Use


A more accessible therapy appointment. 1DocWay provides you access to specialized behavioral health treatment from the comfort of your home.


Telemental health offers greater continuity of care and an increased range of mental health services, providing you with the best experience possible.


Your privacy is well-protected with 1DocWay's telemental health platform as it is compliant with HIPAA and other pertinent local, state and federal regulations for privacy regarding health care services and personal information through the use of bank level data encryption. 


At 1DocWay, we believe that you have the right to access your personal electronic health records, including therapist notes and annotations in your case file. Our platform gives you the ability to view this information immediately, at any point throughout the duration of your treatment. 


Telemental health eliminates the time, stress and financial cost associated with traveling to your provider's office. With 1DocWay, the unnecessary hassle and additional cost of traveling to your therapist do not exist. 


We have worked hard to design a highly intuitive interface that enables you to effortlessly navigate your personal 1DocWay portal while providing you with a comprehensive set of features. We strive to continuously improve your experience by emphasizing customer feedback and rigorous testing.


Safety and Security 

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1DocWay Secure Platform

We use a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (bank-level security) to keep your private information safe and secure. Additionally, your account is password protected. This means that storage and transmission of your information is well-guarded against unauthorized access. 



HIPAA Compliance

Our 1DocWay videoconferencing software is entirely HIPAA compliant. HIPAA regulations are set in place to guarantee the highest level of privacy when it comes to your protected health information. Read more for a detailed description of HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. 


Our clinicians are legally bound to keep the information discussed during your session confidential. They cannot divulge your disclosures of any aspect of treatment without your consent. This helps you to feel comfortable and safe while speaking with your therapist.