Connect with qualified mental health professionals from the comfort of your own home.


What We Do

We've developed a safe, secure, user-friendly platform that connects you to talented mental health care providers, all on your terms. With 1DocWay, you select the clinician best suited to your needs and schedule an appointment at a time that fits conveniently into your schedule. Our virtual health care space eliminates barriers of accessibility and time so that you are in control of your care. 


Services We Offer

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1DocWay leverages cutting edge technology and evidence based behavioral services to provide effective, compassionate and efficient care, that is integrated and coordinated with your overall health care services. Our group of highly trained clinicians evaluate and treat patients of all ages from young children to older adults, across the wide spectrum of psychiatric and psychological concerns to help them lead happier, healthier lives.


Why 1DocWay?

Our platform was designed with you in mind. The 1DocWay portal serves as a quick and simple  channel for you to access support. We've included a comprehensive set of features that allow you to book your own appointments, manage your prescriptions, keep track of tips from your therapist and more! Learn more about our features by following the link below.


Benefits of 1DocWay







Who Are Our Clinicians?


Psychiatrists are medically-trained, doctoral level health care practitioners. Their expertise allows them to prescribe medication, in addition to conducting psychotherapy, to treat mental health concerns and effect positive change.


Psychologists are doctoral level clinicians who administer psychotherapy to help people improve their emotional and behavioral health. They have a diverse set of therapeutic approaches and techniques in their treatment repertoire that they use to promote psychological growth. 


These advanced trained nurses are equipped to use both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic methods to help people live healthier, more productive lives. Nurse practitioners employ an expansive skill set to aid people in advancing their well-being.     


Counselors, also known as counseling psychologists, use therapeutic practices to help people cope with distress associated with developmental issues. These clinicians focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning.    

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